Nyheter 2017

2017 års nyheter
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2016 ended up:

Ghazoot  Baqiir TOP WINNING 1 SLOUGHI Sweden 2016
Ghazoot  Baqilah TOP WINNING 1 BITCH Sweden 2016
Ghazoot  Chaandra TOP WINNING 2 BITCH Sweden 2016
Ghazoot  Chiimara TOP WINNING 10 BITCH Sweden 2016


WOW!! I´m so proud of the puppies from Ghazoot!!
To win Lure-coursing winning title in Germany is huge!!!!

DWZRV Youth Champion, VDH Youth Champion, Luxemburger Youth Champion, Regional-Youth-Winner Berlin/Bbg. 2016, Regional-Youth-Winner BW 2015, DWZRV Champion, VDH Champion, German Coursingwinner 2017
Ghazoot Chiimara did it!!!
Ghazoot Chazzin ❤️
VIZE-Coursingsieger 2017

Ghazoot Chazzin BOB  Ausstellung
Judge:Richter Olaf Knauber,
Landesrennsieger Niedersachsen/SA

02.09.2017 Bad Homburg IDS  (7+4)
Ch Ghazoot Chiimara BOB
Judge:Dr. Zimmermann

(Copyright LeBe (Danke schön)


01.09.2017 IDS Sandviken
Ghazoot Baqiir BOB & Ghazoot Chaami BOS CC NEW SWEDISH CHAMPION!!!!!
For judge: Peter Friedrich Germany (breeder of sloughi)(Hahaha, non of the dog want to stay on this pictures!!! )
Photo Susanne Johansson

Estonia IDS 20170819

Judge: Neofytou Erodotus
Ghazoot Baqiir BOB and new Estonian champion!!!
Ghazoot Baqilah BOS and new Estonian champion!!!
Ward Al Yasmeen Atabuk
Pol Ch Kamal Sheik El Arab
Pol Jch Kiyara Sabiih Al Sahra
Ward Al Yasmeen Aliki


Estonia IDS 20170820

Ghazoot Baqilah BOB
Ghazoot Baqiir BOS

Judge: Anneli Pukkila, Fin

Ward Al Yasmeen Atabuk

Ward Al Yasmeen Aliki
Ward Al Yasmeen Aqilah

Photo comes…
Judge: Anneli Pukkila, Fin.

 Ghazoot Chaami BIS-1 

on our breed special show 2017!!!!

Judge: Barbara Ruth Smith
Photo: Stefan Rose

BIS-2 Py’s Fantastica, Mikael Axenborg

Photo: Stefan Rose

WW-2014, EuW-15, Se Ch, No Ch, Fi Ch, Nord Ch, Est Ch, C.I.B.
Ghazoot Baqiir BOS
Jeuw-15 Ghazoot Chaami BOB

EuW-15, Se Ch, No Ch, Fi Ch, Nord Ch, Est Ch, C.I.B.
Ghazoot Baqilah Bb-2 exc

WW-2008 No V-09 Se uch No uch Fi uch C. I. B.
Tillieville Xahna Douh Bb-3 exc BIS-2 Veteran

Photo: Stefan Rose

 20170304 Lure Coursing Tüttleben Germany

Ghazoot Chazzin win!!!
6 sloughi
After the first race Chiimara and Chazzin have the same point in the top.
But then Chiimara had to do someting else in the last race!! 🙂

hiimara and Chazzin!!!
Im so proud of this dogs, and so happy for that Ellen and Uschi let them run!!

20170226 Upplands Väsby SVVK
Judge: Jean-Luis Grunheid
Ch Ghazoot Baqilah BOB
Ch Ghazoot Baqiir BOS
Ghazoot Chaami CC BB-2

Photo: Johanna Vanerud