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Today (25/5-22)  is both Ch Ghazoot Baqiir and Mr & Mrs Eve Fournier gone!
Baqiir 12 year old
❤ 2010-04-26 – 🖤2022-05-25
Eeve 15 year old
❤ 2007-10-27 – 🖤2022-05-25
She have big tumor who had come back after surgery some year ago and it was only little time left, Baqiir have been very old very quickly and now with a infection in the tooth he need surgery. So I decided to let them go both together!
My hearth is totally crashed, and I cry my eyes out!
But I know it was the best for them. They was put to sleep together and is now rest together in my garden. It was very peaceful and calm.

Thank you Felicia Lemmeke for this picture, and both Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke for this 2 dogs!

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