News 2018

2018 års nyheter
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2018 was a time out for me and dog shows!

(Only 3 shows this year)

But we go to Stockholm Nordic Show in december
Ghazoot Baqilahs first veteran show!
So, now shes Swedish Veteran Winner 2018
Judge Anette Edland, SE

Then we go to Helsinki the weekend after and she got
Helsinki Veteran Winner 2018 & BB-2
Her daughter Chaami BB-3 exc.
Several of Baqiirs sons was also there.
Day after it was Finnish Winner show:
Qilah BOB & Finnish Veteran Winner 2018 & Finnish Winner 2018
Chaami BB-2 exc Cert CACIB & New FI Ch!!!
Judge: Säde Hohteri, FI
Great end on this year!

2018-03-25 Upplands-Väsby SVVK
Ch Ghazoot Baqilah BOB
Ch Al Suwiid Cemal BOS

2017 ended up:

Ghazoot  Baqilah TOP WINNING 1 Sloughi Sweden 2017
(Together with Al Suwiid Cemal, father to the C-litter)
Ghazoot Chaami TOP WINNING 3 BITCH
Ghazoot  Chaandra TOP WINNING 5 BITCH Sweden 2017

Ghazoot  Baqiir TOP WINNING 2 MALE (only 3 show) Sweden 2017


Judge: Åke Cronander

30.3.18 LS Ausstellung in Hoope Chazzin received EXC 1 VDH, the title Landessieger Weser Ems 2018 and finally BOB under judge: E. Krah-Heiermann and his son Malik SaS got Vvsp1 and his daughter Mahnoor SaS got Vvsp 1, BabyBOB and BabyBIS