Nyheter 2003

2003-12-13 Stockholm SKK
Nordic Winner show all breed!
Tirith BOB BIG-5
Judge Dr. Göran Bodegård, sweden.
2003-12-06 Helsingfors
Tirith Best male 2 with CC
Juno was BOB and I handled her in the group final to 2 place!

03-11-16 Uddevalla SvVk
Ghania BOB and champion!
2003-10-19 Enköping SvVk
Tirith BOB and BIS-3!
Judge Gerry Hickey and Jarmo Vourinen (BIS)

2003-08-03 Sundsvall SvVk
Tirith BOB and BIS!!!!
There was 12 breeds in the final.
Judge BOB Rudi Brandt, Denmark.
Judge BIS Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden.

2003-08-02 Sundsvall SKK
Tirith BOS, (Juno was BOB)
Judge Rita Van Mechelen

2003-07-27 Tammsvik AZSK
Azawakh and Sloughiclub special
Ghania was BOB and BIS!!
Judge Ray Lindholm, Sweden

2003-06-15 Avesta SKK all breed show.
Tirith BOB, group winner and BIS winner
avesta_BIS_01Judge BOB Carl-Johan Adlerceutz sweden
BIG Karl-Erik Johansson sweden
BIS Norman Huidobro Corbett Spain.

2003-06-07 Österbybruk SKK Int. all breed show
Tirith BOS with CACIB

Intuch* Such Nuch WW-03
NW-2001 NordW-2002 SW-2002
Antefa´s Minas Tirith
was BOS today in
Dortmund Germany World Dog Show!!
With World winner titel and his last CACIB.

2003-05-24 Ånge SKK Int. all breed show
Tirith was BOB and group-3
Judge, Benny Blid, sweden and BIG Tina Permo

2003-04-27 Västerås SKK Int. all breed show.
Tirith was BOB and groupwinner!!
Judge Agneta Kappers
Group judge, Boo Lundström

2003-03-29 Timrå, Sight hound special.
Tirith was BOS,
big congratulations to ”Juno”
(Faouziah’s Bastet) who was BOB and BIS!
Judge Eli-Marie Klepp.

2003-03-22 Köping, Sight hound special.
Tirith was BOB again on this show.
Judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe.

2003-03-08 Cruft`s Birmingham.
Tirith was 2 in open class.
I´m so happy for all the good things people come and told me about Tirith.
Thank’s to all of you!!
This tripp to Cruft´s was very nice, we have good company and very fun.
Thank´s to the Pharaoh hound people who invite all the people
who loves pharaoh for lunch outside the ring.
That was a very good ide’, to unite all the pharaoh people!

7-8 december
Photo Happy dog.
Stockholm Int. Swedish winner dog show !! (SV-02)
Such Nuch NV-01 NordV-02 SV-02
Antefa´s Minas Tirith was BOB.
(Judge Agneta Kappers- Karlsson)
on the same show,
Norduch Intuch NordV-98 NordV-99 SV-01 SV-02
Tillieville Zoot Allures was BOS.
(Judge Björg Foss)
Photo Kjell Åke Bjurström
BOB was Rahina who ended up us group-4!
What a weekend!! Thank´s to everyone who congratulated us!!
And offcourse thank´s to kennel Antefa who let me c/o own Tirith!!