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My first sloughi:

Intuch Such Nuch Finuch NordV-98, 99 SV-2001, 2002
Tillieville Zoot Allures

20170304 Lure Coursing Tüttleben Germany
Ghazoot Chazzin win!!!
6 sloughi enter
After the first race Chiimara and Chazzin have the same point in the top.
But then Chiimara had to do someting else in the last race!! 🙂
Chiimara and Chazzin!!!
Im so proud of this dogs, and so happy for that Ellen and Uschi let them run!!



Eeve, Chaandra, Chaami, Chazzin, Chiimara, Chiidi, me, Qilah, Baqiir & Xanni.