Oj så länge sen

Ja, jag har tappat hoppet om sloughi.

Jag kunde av olika skäl, personliga, som gjorde att jag inte kunde ta en kull på Chaami.

Dessutom dog min älskade Qilah hastigt och oväntat! Hon fick troligen någon sort mördarbakterie när hon låg inlagd på Falu djursjukhus för att ta bort ett inflammerat öga. Det finns såklart ett namn på den diagnos vi tror hon hade, men minns det inte.

När människor får detta i en arm eller ben är amputation det ända som kan rädda livet på den personen. Qilah fick det i en bog. Det var så fruktansvärt och jag har inte kommit över det än!

Så, jag bestämde mig för att göra ngt helt annat. Så jag skaffade Diza och senare Yatzy. De finns på egna sidor på hemsidan.

Vad händer nu?

Ja, ev får jag låna en sloughitik, och ta en kull. Men hur det blir får tiden utvisa.

Jag ska göra lite tester, bla patella och PRA på chineserna så får vi se om det kan bli nån kull där!


So disappointed on people

It has been found that two puppies after Baqiir and Sabih Al Sahra Djamilla have had meningitis.

There is a heredity in some breeds, but at Sloughi, you do not know if it is hereditary, or if the dogs only got it from viruses. There is no test to show if it is hereditary or if the dogs have the disease, unless they are sick! It means, even if you take a bloodtest on your sloughi, you CAN NOT say the dog is free of it! 

You can not say that a dog has spread the disease, or that another dog is healthy.
The same bitch has since been mated again with Chazzin from my C litter. This time, one or more puppies have received OCD. What I know, no other dog in line behind my B or C litter has had OCD. On the other hand, we know that it was behind the bitch. You can x-ray dogs and see if they had OCD as young, but you can not see if they are carriers of it. So, you can never say, my dogs don`t have it! Even if you have X-ray!! There is no DNA test who tell the dog is totally free. So, even if you X-ray the dog, it can still be carrier of it.

I have been inform from several persons that some people now say in private groups on facebook, that both this diseases come from my breeding.
I hear that people I think was my friends now speak so bad about me and my breeding, only to save them self…
They say that they have proof about all come from Baqiir and also that all his puppies is infected.

If it is so bad, that all his puppies is infected, then probably all the sloughi from sweden is it.
Baqilah, Baqiir, Bashshar and Barqash is used in the breeding.
If it was so hereditary, we should have see this diseases with some of this. Or from the parents of my B-litter, who come from Tillieville and Moulay el Mehdi.

Yes, we have to be carefull now, if we see it again, we know we have to think again. And not use them further. And this is for all of us!
To do as this people do now, put there head in the sand and just say, its her fault is not taking its responsibility!

This people say they know becourse when Echard Shritt was here to mate, Baqiir was so ill! So they know he had meningitis!???
How can they know that?? I don´t know!!!

Well, he couldnt mate! He had prostata problems! As so many, (almost all,) older male!!!!
We was to one of the best veterinarian on fertility in Europe. Katarina Linde Forsberg to check why he didnt want to mate.  After treatmeants he is good again.

They also say that I had to put one puppie down in my B-litter becouse it was so ill. Yes, I did, but becouse one backleg grow very wrong. Nothing who was hereditary, but it can be, like on people. But as a human you can live in a wheelchair. A sloughi can not! This puppie was not ill, no fever or virus. But she should never had run like a normal dog.
But, I make a big mistake! I was honest, and tell wrong person!

If I know that my dog is ill, I will never breed with them! But I really dont know if they are! And I really dont think they are.
Dogs will be sick, it will aleways come healt problem, in all breed. And in this breed, you can not take out all dogs who maybe is ill… If so, all the sloughi breed have to be stoped! They are all very closed. Even in the original country it is so much of the european blood lines.

Tyskland/ Germany 2017

This is my story from the travel to Germany for the German Winner show and World Dog Show 2017

First I must say I´m so happy for all this people who help me to do this! My husband who take care of dogs and the boy who lived here, Uschi who help to enter the dogs with all that trouble and let me lived with her for several day, Ilka and Nils for husbitality and great dinner, Ellen and Uwe for the same, and also have to see me very very sad!
I´m also so happy for all people who come to visit me, or come to the show only for meet me, Baqilah and Baqiir!
And thanks to all so nice people who I meet on the shows! Everyone was so friendly and nice!!

Picture and results from the shows come in seperate posts!

I started my traveling 6/11-17 down to Öland and our summerhouse! It was so dark when I arriwed and an owl hot in the woods!! It was little scary… 🙂Next morning the wheater was great!

But only a few km from the house I notice that I get a migrane attack, with bad sight and aphasia. It was just to stop the car and close my eays. After maybe 20 min it was little better so I could see and drive. I had to stop several time to find a drogstore for medicine. But this medicine is unusual and they don´t have it.

The wheather was so great! But I need to have sunglasses on and have some problem to see in the sun. It was great anyway to see the colour in soth sweden. At home all leave is gone.. In Karlskrona was this nice bridge! I had to drive a smaller road to find the drogstore…

Finally I come to Malmö and the Öresundsbron over to Denmark

In Denmark this bride from Fårö to Falsterö

Then finaly in Germany! The wheather was still super!!

More bridge…. Fehmarn Sound Bridge

Late that day I arriwed to Ilka and Nils in Neustadt in Holstein.
They let me stay over night!!
When all dog had running around and my dog had check all the house, Nils and Ilka took me to a lokal restaurant in the harbour. Very nice place where they brew their own beer. And ofcourse the dog was welcome!

I was unfortunately very tired after the migraine so we had to go home early and to bed!
Next day I have some cuddly with Nils other pets!

We took a walk with the dogs to look on the beautiful bay close to there home…
Well, I never see it!
It was so thick fog!

But we saw other nice thing. Lovley forest, nice house and nabour who dont like visitors! 🙂
And a bakery where it was ok to take the dogs in to… not used with this dogfriendly people!!

Ilka and Nils have also other ”friends! in the house!! 🙂

Then Gregor Arndt come for pic up Lilo for giving birth to there next litter. This time Ghazoot Chazzin is the father! It was so nice to meet him again, but it was just sad that the time was to short. I had 500 km left to drive to Uschi.

Me, Ilka and Gregor

But we had a small family meeting!!
Father Baqiir, daughter Jara Djamila, and mother Djamila Labibah Sabiih al Sahra

After around 6 hours on the road I finaly arriwed to Uschi!

 She lives in a very nice house with lovley fenced garden there the dog can run!
Here Baqiir on the stairs.

Inside the dogs in the sofa! Here the back of Jumanah, Baylah, Qilah and Chiimara.
Qilah who was in the end of her heat was not so happy with the other dog, and Baqiir was totally crazy, after all the female at home now have been in heat! He was totally finish when we finally come to the world dog show… He was not him self..

Then come the wednesday and German winner!!
It was around 300 km to Leipzig. But we could travel togheter this trip!

 It was a very long tunnel on the way.

 The hall was so big, and to go from one to next we had to walk by this big hall.

Picture from the show will come in a seperat posts.

One evening we had Uschis nabour on dinner. I notice that the light outside go on several times. So we look out and there was this guest!

A headgehog! We had to move him so the dogs not hurt him. Or vise versa… 🙂

One day we go to a little town, Marburg!
Lovley town with an old town.

After some shopping we had to eat lunch! We find a small place and I order grill ribs…
Very tasty. but I, who probably have some dissorder… have the sauce all over my face and fingers… yes, they told me to eat with fingers!!! 🙂

Qilah and Caleesi in the sofa… (Qilah wounder if she really can be there… )

We took a walk one day when the wheather was not so bad! It was a small lake behind Uschis house and a lonely swahn lived there! He follow us around!Then Sandra come and visit us with Baqiirs son Calim! It was so nice to meet both him and Sandra!!! And ofcourse it was impossible to take nice photo of the siblings when they was so happy to see each other!!

 Alwaahid Calim

Father Baqiir, daughter Calesi, and son Calim!
We go outside, but it was rain and very cold… Baqiir hate it!! And look like he should die…

12 november, the next day,
was the D day! World Dog Winner show 2017 

The sky was amazing that day! It was not good photo from the car, but it was amazing.
Later that day I find out why…
A new star have come to the sky…
my dear friend Tina had passed away early this morning…

Ofcourse the sky was amazing!! Tina was an amazing person, and it is so bad that shes not here anymore…

Photo from the show and result will come in seperate posts.

Baqiir was not his best this day! He was probably very tired after all travelling and then all the bitch at home have been in heat. He had not eat so good for a while… this nice smelling female… and then Qilah who also was in heat on our way down to Germany. But, he do it well and I was very happy of him! (Even if the result could have been better!!)

Me and Ingeborg Scritt

I meet a lot of nice people, some old friends and some new!! All was very nice and friendly!! Thanks to all of you!!!
And ofcourse:
Thanks for let me see the offspring from Baqiir and also the dogs from my own kennel!!!!!

Jamal Baqiir Sabiih al Sarah and owner Gesine Knopf

Ghazoot Chiimara – Ghazoot Baqilah – Ghazoot Baqiir – Jamal Baqiir Sabiih al Sahra  – Jamil Sabiih al Sahra – Alwaahid Caleesi bint Baqiir ( Baqiirs sons and daugther)
Me, Gesine Knopf, Michaela Treitel and Uschi Bellendir

On my way from the show to Ellen and Uwe with Ghazoot Chazzin I just feelt I need to call my husband. So I got the bad, bad news about Tina! I was so chocked! Just sit in the car and cry and cry…

But in the end I need to drive the way to Berlin. It was so nice to meet Ellen and Uwe and they was so nice to me! They totally understand that I was not so good company. We had a great dinner with a nice spicy soap from Marocco, and then Uwe put on the barbeque for hamburger!
I stay over the night and next morning we have breakfast and then a very nice walk! It was a very nice place with a big forest close to there house. One nabour had also this railway in the garden!!

Outside the lovley house they have a great garden so the dogs could run!!
Qilah who still smell nice after heat was not happy to her son Chazzin!!!! 🙂 Look at her face!!!

Mother and son, Baqilah & Chazzin

Notice the train in the background!!
Now I was totally finish, so tired after all the travelling and the sad news and still so long way home. I feel that I just want to come home!! So I start my driving home.
The wheather was nice and it was so much to look on… but I only want to go.

On the ferry to Denmark I find this perfume who both was for me and Tina who also drive merzedes benz…

After 12 1/2 hours driving was I finally back on Öland! In the middle of night… so tired…
Next morning it was very cold, but sunny first. But I was ill… got a cold!

I meet an old friend, Patrik and his puppie, Silver. We go down to the beach and let them run!

Silver is a Cane CorsoWhen I was back in the house I got fever and took a warm coccoa with maschmallows, and make a fire!!The dog was so tired too. We stay that day.
Next day the last stage on the travel start. I had only summertire on the car, so when I meet this I was not happy!Finally home, in bed, with a nice movie and a glass of champagne!What a travel! So much to think of! So much to take in…

I travel totally 4320 km…

And maybe, I have also find the male for next litter!!! 😉

Thank you all!!!! <3