So disappointed on people

It has been found that two puppies after Baqiir and Sabih Al Sahra Djamilla have had meningitis.

There is a heredity in some breeds, but at Sloughi, you do not know if it is hereditary, or if the dogs only got it from viruses. There is no test to show if it is hereditary or if the dogs have the disease, unless they are sick! It means, even if you take a bloodtest on your sloughi, you CAN NOT say the dog is free of it! 

You can not say that a dog has spread the disease, or that another dog is healthy.
The same bitch has since been mated again with Chazzin from my C litter. This time, one or more puppies have received OCD. What I know, no other dog in line behind my B or C litter has had OCD. On the other hand, we know that it was behind the bitch. You can x-ray dogs and see if they had OCD as young, but you can not see if they are carriers of it. So, you can never say, my dogs don`t have it! Even if you have X-ray!! There is no DNA test who tell the dog is totally free. So, even if you X-ray the dog, it can still be carrier of it.

I have been inform from several persons that some people now say in private groups on facebook, that both this diseases come from my breeding.
I hear that people I think was my friends now speak so bad about me and my breeding, only to save them self…
They say that they have proof about all come from Baqiir and also that all his puppies is infected.

If it is so bad, that all his puppies is infected, then probably all the sloughi from sweden is it.
Baqilah, Baqiir, Bashshar and Barqash is used in the breeding.
If it was so hereditary, we should have see this diseases with some of this. Or from the parents of my B-litter, who come from Tillieville and Moulay el Mehdi.

Yes, we have to be carefull now, if we see it again, we know we have to think again. And not use them further. And this is for all of us!
To do as this people do now, put there head in the sand and just say, its her fault is not taking its responsibility!

This people say they know becourse when Echard Shritt was here to mate, Baqiir was so ill! So they know he had meningitis!???
How can they know that?? I don´t know!!!

Well, he couldnt mate! He had prostata problems! As so many, (almost all,) older male!!!!
We was to one of the best veterinarian on fertility in Europe. Katarina Linde Forsberg to check why he didnt want to mate.  After treatmeants he is good again.

They also say that I had to put one puppie down in my B-litter becouse it was so ill. Yes, I did, but becouse one backleg grow very wrong. Nothing who was hereditary, but it can be, like on people. But as a human you can live in a wheelchair. A sloughi can not! This puppie was not ill, no fever or virus. But she should never had run like a normal dog.
But, I make a big mistake! I was honest, and tell wrong person!

If I know that my dog is ill, I will never breed with them! But I really dont know if they are! And I really dont think they are.
Dogs will be sick, it will aleways come healt problem, in all breed. And in this breed, you can not take out all dogs who maybe is ill… If so, all the sloughi breed have to be stoped! They are all very closed. Even in the original country it is so much of the european blood lines.